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Sewer line leak

Signs You Have a Problem With Your Main Sewer Line

  • Jun 15, 2018
  • By Patrick Prendergast

When you are experiencing problems with your main sewer line, you may notice some warning signs around the house. If you are experiencing any of the following problems in your home, call 3 Mountains Plumbing. Warning Signs Sewage backup and blockages.  Sewage backups can happen every now and then, but if sewage backs up every […]

Troubleshooting Drain Problems this Memorial Day Weekend

  • May 25, 2018
  • By Patrick Prendergast

Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor those who have died while serving the country. Not only is it a time of remembrance, it’s a day where families and friends alike gather for activities, cookouts, and other fun things. Nothing puts a damper on a gathering like problems with your plumbing, so if […]

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

  • May 15, 2018
  • By Patrick Prendergast

Your drain and sewer system is one of the most used, yet most overlooked systems in your home. Think about how many times a day you use them- we certainly put them to work! Every time you take a shower, flush the toilet, wash the dishes or do a load of laundry, you are using […]

Signs You Need Sewer Repair

  • Apr 30, 2018
  • By Patrick Prendergast

A broken sewer line can cause a range of unpleasant problems throughout your home. Your sewer carries waste water away from your home to keep your home clean and sanitary, so it’s important for the system to be working properly at all times. If you are experiencing the following issues in your home or on your […]

Eight Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains this Spring

  • Apr 15, 2018
  • By Patrick Prendergast

Clogged drains are a common, yet incredibly annoying problem that most people have to deal with. Although clogs occur often, there are things that you can do in your home to reduce their chances of escalating. Here are eight tips to prevent clogged drains this spring: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do Keep grease and oil […]

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