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Need a plumber in Rivergrove who can handle those tough last-minute emergencies? 3 Mountains Plumbing provides you with emergency plumbing services to the Rivergrove area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter the issue, we’ve got your back.

Rivergrove Emergency Plumbing Service

At 3 Mountains, we want to make sure our customers get the best service. Here is what we can offer during an emergency:

Water Main Line Replacements– Without a water main line, your home or business will not receive any water inside your dwelling. We will arrive as soon as possible to address your water main line problem.

Sewer Replacements– Sewer problems can cause not only a nuisance, but also a health threat to your entire family. If your sewer line needs repair or replacement, we will provide exceptional service to restore your sewer system.

Leaky Faucets– There are few things more annoying than the dripping of a faucet. Besides the obvious annoyance, leaking pipes also waste a surprising amount of water over time.

Leaky Pipes– While water is an essential resource; it can also be tremendously destructive. Leaking pipes need to receive repair as soon as possible.

Fixture Replacements– If your plumbing fixture is not functioning or if you are ready for a new look, contact 3 Mountains Plumbing. We will help you choose the right fixture for your home and handle the installation for a flat-rate price.

 Additional Emergency Plumbing Services:

  • Floor drains
  • Bathroom sinks and bathtubs
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Commercial service plans
  • Video inspections
  • New plumbing appliances
  • Pump installation and repair
  • Water filtration and water softeners
  • Water line repair or replacement
  • Drain line repair or replacement
  • Water pressure issues
  • Leaking pipes
  • Slow or leaking traps
  • Faucet repairs or replacement
  • Backflow Testing
  • Water heater repair or replacement
  • Tankless water heater installation
  • Commercial plumbing and services
  • Residential plumbing
  • Gas piping
  • Gas line repair and installation
  • Pressure testing of plumbing systems
  • Drain cleaning for clogged, slow and/or reoccurring drain problems
  • Main line cleaning
  • Shower valve repairs or replacement
  • New laundry tubs
  • New plumbing fixtures
  • Backflow prevention
  • Trenchless Pipe Lining and Repair

No Frills Pricing!

At 3 Mountains, we operate on an upfront pricing model, which means the quote you receive will include our service fee, repair fee, materials charge and any other labor needed to handle your plumbing repair or replacement. You won’t see any surprises on your bill.

Call 3 Mountains today! We offer the best service in Rivergrove!


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