Water Service Replacement Portland

How to Know You Need Water Line Service

More and more 3 Mountains Plumbing is hearing from customers who are getting calls from the city of Portland saying that their home’s water usage is too high.  What does this mean?  It could mean there is a water leak in any of your home’s plumbing fixtures.

Start by checking the following:

Each of these common plumbing fixtures should have their own shut off valve, so you can test which one is leaking by shutting the angle or straight stops.

Additional steps to determine if you need a water main line replacement include:

  1. Leave your water meter running
  2. Shut off the water to your entire house
  3. If the red triangle in the water meter is spinning, there is a water service leak

Water service replacements are important to Portland for obvious environmental and cost reasons, which is way the city makes the call.  Another sign that you might need a water main line replacement could be an abnormally large increase to your quarterly Portland water bill.

Water main line replacements are common in Portland because the water service pipe spans from your house all the way to the water meter on the curb.  Portland homeowners are responsible for that entire stretch of what is typically not very sturdy PVC or not very long lasting galvanized, or copper pipe.  Worse still, some water main lines connect galvanized pipe to copper pipe resulting in even more room for leakage at an unstable joint (pictured).

3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland encourages homeowners to replace their water main lines with Wirsbo pipe developed by a German company called Uponor.  Wirsbo pipe is the clear leader in piping replacements.

To help make your water service replacement a smooth one, 3 Mountains Plumbing provides:

  • A 10-year warrantee on labor and materials
  • 25-year warrantee on pipe and fittings
  • Same day service

So, if Portland calls, check for leaks, and contact 3 Mountains Plumbing if you need a water service replacement. 


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Ask a Portland Plumber: How Do You Replace My Water Main Line?

Why Choose 3 Mountains Plumbing for Your Replacement

In Portland, homeowners are responsible for all pipe between the sidewalk water meter and the foundation of their homes. More pipe means more room for water service failure. Fortunately 3 Mountains Plumbing are expert water main line replacement professionals serving the greater Portland metro area. 3 Mountains Plumbing provides the following for their clients:

  • 10-year labor and materials warranty
  • Certified polyethylene Wirsbo pipe installers
  • Same day service
  • The 3 Mountains Plumbing Guarantee
  • A delightful plumbing experience!

The Pipe

3 Mountains Plumbing will use tried and true polyethylene Wirsbo pipe. With its 10-year labor and materials warrantee, plus 25-year pipe and fittings warrantee, Wirsbo, made by Uponor, is the best choice.

Not convinced? Check out the benefits of using Wirsbo for your Portland water service replacement in this previously written blog post.

The Installation

3 Mountains Plumbing uses directional boring technology that produces very limited impairment to your yard. Of course it is part of 3 Mountains Plumbing’s mission to leave all job sites cleaner than when found, but it helps that directional boring technology employs tidy and efficient drilling.

A Wirsbo pipe installation certified 3 Mountains Plumbing professional will dig only a small pot hole through which the directional boring machine will land within a foot of its target.

There’s Nothing Boring About Directional Boring!

  • Accurate
  • Clean
  • Precise
  • Effective

Speak to a professional to find out how 3 Mountains Plumbing can help with your Portland property’s water service replacement.

Water Main Line Pipe Failure in Portland

Wirsbo Pipe Replacement Often Best Option

1. Kick and scream!

Then, take a deep breath and remind yourself that the experts at Portland-based 3 Mountains Plumbing are prepared to help—with same day service if necessary.

2. Call a plumber that offers a warranty!

3 Mountains Plumbing has been serving the greater Portland metro area for over a decade and in that time has settled on a brand of pipe that is proven to be most effective for water service replacements. Their confidence in polyethylene Wirsbo pipe is celebrated with a 10-year labor and materials warranty. Additionally, Wirsbo comes with a 25-year warranty from its developer on all pipe and fittings.

3. Use the highest quality pipe.

Yes, repairs are possible, but will more than likely fail, being a far less cost effective option.

There are also  less expensive piping alternatives for water main line replacements, but polyethylene Wirsbo pipe is best in class. Why, you ask? Wirsbo pipe…

  • Resists corrosion and mineral buildup
  • Dampens noise from rushing water
  • Eliminates water hammer and “singing pipe” sounds
  • Retains additional heat in hot water lines
  • Prevents condensation on cold water lines
  • Stops joint fractures with one long roll of pipe from water meter to house (as opposed to shorter pipe rolls with excessive joints)
  • Applies improved crosslinking joint technology—No glue or joint threads.

What Else?

Wirsbo is a German-made pipe developed by a company called Uponor. Wirsbo has been successful for more than 35 years and is the clear superior choice for water service replacements. Because 3 Mountains Plumbing is a certified Wirsbo pipe installer, Uponor grants a 25-year warranty on all delivered pipe and fittings. Sure, it may cost a bit more, but isn’t your home worth it?

Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today for help with your water main line replacement!