3 Reasons to Consider Fixture Replacements in Lake Oswego, OR

Toilets not working like they once did? Sinks starting to clog easier and give you more headaches? Faucets rusting and failing at providing a steady flow of clean water? Well, it’s time to consider fixture replacements in Lake Oswego, OR. When you consider just how much you rely on these fixtures every day, even just one of them malfunctioning can send everyday life in your home into a tailspin. Worse, you may have to start paying higher costs on utility bills.

If you think it’s time to replace your fixtures, 3 Mountains is here for you every step of the way. Our team of plumbers will make sure your home is equipped with the latest fixtures to ensure you experience the ultimate in efficiency and convenience. With us, fixture replacements in Lake Oswego, OR are made quick and easy. Your daily life is probably already busy enough, and we’ll make it so your plumbing fixtures are the least of your concerns.

Fixture Replacements in Lake Owsego, OR: Why Should You Call Us?

Replacing fixtures is one step toward making your home the most comfortable and livable it’s ever been, so call up 3 Mountains today to get replacement that can provide you:

  1. Reduced Spending on Repair: When your most essential fixtures aren’t working like they should, they may experience frequent breakdowns leaving you calling for repair service over and over again. The mounting repair costs can put a strain on your finances, but replaced fixtures can changed all of that performing without issue for a longer period of time. Say bye to bills, and usher in a new era of savings.
  2. Improved Efficiency: It’s not just repair costs you will need to worry over; energy costs may skyrocket as well. Fixtures may force themselves to work even harder when they’re not working to the best of its abilities, increasing energy consumption or costing you more on bills. Fortunately, our selection of fixtures are effective and efficient, so you’re not wasting a single dollar more on energy.
  3. Better Peace of Mind: Even just one problem with your toilet or sink may be enough to bring a huge amount of stress into your everyday life. But why settle of stress when you can make life in your home so much easier with a quick replacement from 3 Mountains? Once you know you have reliable fixtures, you will be able to relax so much easier.

Contact 3 Mountains today if you need fixture replacements in Lake Oswego, OR, especially if you want to improve the level of comfort and convenience.


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3 Common Sewer Line Problems in Gresham, OR

With summer here, it’s time to give your home some TLC—and that includes fixing any sewer line problems in Gresham, OR.

Common Sewer Line Problems

When it comes to your property’s sewer line, you absolutely want to be proactive. By proactive, we mean anticipating problems before they become real headaches. Because when your sewer line is damaged, it can result in all sorts of nasty and unhygienic situations, like sewage backing up into the home—yikes!

One of the most common sewer line problems is the growth of roots into the sewer. If you have trees or shrubs on your property, their roots will grow towards the sewer in search of the nutrients in the wastewater. It doesn’t take long for them to penetrate into the drain, usually through joints or tiny fissures. And when that happens, the sewer line gets blocked.

Another common problem occurs when the ground in which the line is located shifts for some reason, usually due to construction nearby. This can either dislodge the sewer line and cause it to leak; or it can damage the line seriously and cause it to cave in. In both instances, you’ll be looking at a leak of wastewater, which is a health hazard and attracts all sorts of vermin.

A third problem is a simple sewer line blockage. Over time, sediment builds up inside the pipe, effectively shrinking the diameter and giving the wastewater less room to pass through. Then it doesn’t take much for something to get lodged in the pipe and a clog to build up.

Call 3 Mountains for All Your Sewer Line Problems in Gresham, OR

Is your sewer showing signs of being backed up? Are the drains in your home overflowing, or is there wastewater pooling in your yard or driveway? If you’ve noticed any of these signs, you need to call the team at 3 Mountains right away. We have the expertise and cutting-edge equipment to determine what the problem is and where it’s located, plus, we can fix most sewer line problems quickly and non-invasively.

At the same time, if you don’t see any signs of problems, you’re best advised to schedule annual inspections and sewer line cleaning. This will keep you informed of the condition of the line so you know ahead of time if it needs additional repairs.

How Can You Fix Clogged Bath Drains in Lake Oswego, OR?

Clogged bath drains in Lake Oswego, OR are unfortunate, especially if you’re looking to take a relaxing bath or shower after a long day. Clumps of hair, soap, and other substances can find their way down your bath drains and clog them up quickly. While it’s a fairly common problem, it needs to be treated immediately, or else be prepared to spend plenty of money on plumbing repair down the line. Considering how your bath is a place for morning showers that start your day off on the right note, clogged bath drains can really throw the balance in your day-to-day.

3 Mountains can provide you with drain cleaning service that takes care of those troublesome bath drains once and for all. Our camera inspection and water jetting service can eliminate clogs in an instant. We want to see you live comfortably in your home, and part of that is providing you with service that can help you solve even the toughest drain clogs so you’re not worrying about plumbing problems any time soon.

Clogged Bath Drains in Lake Oswego, OR: How Can You Help?

In addition to our services, you can also take steps in ensuring your bath drains remain clog-free, including:

  1. Baking Soda and Vinegar: ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar will prove to be an effective mix in eliminating bath drain clogs. After pouring this mixture down the drain, wait 20 minutes and then pour down some boiling water. The mix of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water can help send any cause of clogging up and out of the drains.
  2. Clean the Strainer: The strainer to your bath drains works to keep hair and soap out, but it can eventually become overtaken and clogged on its own. Remove the strainer from the drains and clean out any excess filth. Place it back in its spot and run a test by turning on your bathtubs to see if cleaning proved effective.
  3. Use a Plunger: For any minor drain clog, a plunger is your best friend. Place the plunger over the drain and plunge 10 times. After 10 tries, check to see if any dirt water or filth is coming out of your drains. It’s quick, simple, and won’t cost you a dime.

Contact 3 Mountains today if you want to learn more on how you can treat clogged bath drains in Lake Oswego, OR. We want your bath drains to be free of clogs for a long time to come!

Plumbing Maintenance in Sellwood, OR: Helpful Tips for the Summer

Plumbing maintenance in Sellwood, OR may be the right step in ensuring this upcoming summer is one of your most enjoyable in recent memory. Temperatures are rising, swimming pools are opening, and the days are getting longer. Would you want to ruin all that possibility for fun due constantly being bombarded by plumbing problems? Of course not! That’s why it is essential to make sure your plumbing system is properly maintained so you can keep the level of fun high and the costs of utility bills low.

3 Mountains should be your first choice this summer if you need help maintaining your home’s plumbing system. We want our customers in Sellwood, OR to enjoy the summer to its fullest, which is why our team of plumbers will be available at any point during the season to provide assistance. We can carefully inspect your plumbing system for any problems and get them fixed before the summer gets truly underway.

Follow These Helpful Tips for Plumbing Maintenance in Sellwood, OR!

Don’t let your summertime fun go to waste due to a faulty plumbing system! Please take the following actions to ensure better comfort and convenience:

  • Water Your Lawn at the Right Time: The summertime is perfect for watering your lawn to keep it nice and green. Early morning and evening are the best times to do so, mainly because the sun either hasn’t fully risen or is on its way down. Water can evaporate quickly in the middle of the day, costing you gallons of water.
  • Keep Larger Foods Away from Your Disposal: Your garbage disposal useful for chopping pieces of food that would otherwise cause a drain clog. Since you will most likely be hosting cookouts at your home this summer, it’s important to remember to cut up larger pieces of food before throwing them into the disposal or else the disposal itself will being to clog.
  • Turn Down Water Heater Temperature: It’s not really the time of year where you will need hot water all the time to live comfortably in your home. Even though you still need hot water in your home, it may be better to turn the temperature of your water heater by a few degrees to conserve water and energy.
  • Wash Full Loads of Laundry: You will be spending plenty of time outdoors this season, which means you will have more dirty clothes to wash. But don’t just wash small loads. That can only waste gallons of water that could be used elsewhere. Always wash full loads of laundry to get more clean clothes at lower costs.

Contact 3 Mountains today if you want to learn more about plumbing maintenance in Sellwood, OR to ensure a happier summer for you and your family.

Leaky Pipes in Lake Oswego, OR: 4 Detection Tips for Homeowners

Has your water bill skyrocketed for no apparent reason? If so, you can be sure there are leaky pipes somewhere in your Lake Oswego, OR home. The trick is to ferret out the leaks and repair or replace leaky pipes immediately. We’re here to help with four DIY tips for finding the leaks in your home.

  1. Ceiling Stains: A sure sign of leaky pipes is a growing stain on your ceiling. While this can go unnoticed for a time (how often do we look at our ceilings?) it should be tackled quickly when it is noticed. These stains tend to grow outward in a circular pattern and worsen and darken over time.
  2. Mold and Mildew: It’s not unusual for a small amount of mildew to occur in places where water accumulates. The corners of your shower and the outside base of your tub where the absorbent mat sits are good culprits. Drippy shower pipes provide all the built up moisture required to create this potentially costly condition.
  3. Funky Odors: Stagnant water that has accumulated from leaks often has a sour or musky odor that your nose won’t soon forget. If you notice dank, musky smells with an unidentifiable source, give us a call. We’ll diagnose the smell, locate the leak and provide fast, reliable repairs.
  4. Puffy Paint: Blistering or flaky paint (or peeling wallpaper) are another sign of leaks in your pipes. Water and moisture can loosen the bond between the paint and/or paper in your house and leave an unsightly mess in its path.

Keep track of your water bill as well. This is usually the first sign of leaks and the one that will surely grab your attention. If you find a leak in your home – or suspect there’s a leak and can’t find it – call us today. Those little leaks in your pipes can cause a major leak in your wallet if you’re not careful. Leak detection might be a DIY project, but leave the trustworthy repairs to the pros. Call 3 Mountains today for affordable leaky pipe repairs in Lake Oswego, OR that will save your money and your sanity.

3 Health Benefits of Water Purifiers in Portland, OR

If you’re considering investing in your home and your health this spring, then you should really inform yourself about the benefits of installing water purifiers in Portland, OR.

Combat Hard Water with Water Purifiers in Portland, OR

Not all water is created equal, as anyone who’s seen the recent news reports about the polluted water in Flint, MI, knows. But the main problem with water is that you can rarely see that it’s not pure just by looking at it. One of the biggest problems we encounter with water here in the U.S. is that it contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. This is commonly referred to as “hard water.” Hard water has a host of negative effects. It causes significant damage to your home, because sediment builds up on plumbing fixtures and appliances, effectively shortening the length of time you can use them. It also leaves residue on laundry and dishes, making everything look and feel grimy.

Hard water is also really bad for your health. A growing number of cardiologists believe it contributes to heart disease. In addition, it leaves your skin rough and dry. Plus, it also makes your nail and hair brittle and rough. And the thing is, you usually just accept all of this because you don’t know that you can do something about it!

3 Health Benefits of Water Purifiers in Portland, OR

Fortunately, you can now have a whole-home purifier installed. This effectively removes the excess minerals from the water so it’s pure and balanced. This has the following health benefits:

  • It’s much better for your cardiac health.
  • Your skin recovers and becomes soft and healthy.
  • Your hair and nails become glossy and strong again.

And besides this, your laundry will look clean and feel soft, plus, your dishes and glassware will finally be clean and sparkling!

If you’re interested in installing a whole home water purifier, call the team of water purification experts here at 3 Mountains Plumbing. We’ll explain how it works, and of course, provide you with everything you need to know about how it can improve your family’s health. Don’t wait: call us today!

When Hiring a Portland, OR Local Plumber, Please Watch Out for These 3 Red Flags

If you hire a professional plumber to fix a problem in your house, you want the job done right. The problem with hiring a Portland, OR local plumber is that you, as a homeowner, may not understand who is knowledgeable and who will provide shoddy work at an overpriced rate. Hiring the wrong contractor could leave you with the same problem you started with and overpriced bills you owe the plumber, creating more issues than you need.

At 3 Mountains, we want to make sure your have the best experience possible when working with a local plumber. Below we have compiled 3 red flags to watch out for when hiring a Portland, OR local plumber.

  1. Pushy Sales Tactics: No one likes the overzealous salesmen, especially during an emergency plumbing crisis. Companies that employ pushy sales tactics in plumbing may be trying to capitalize on your dire situation. A local plumber’s work should sell itself, with no need for pushy sales tactics to get you to overpay for work you may not need.
  1. Lack of References: Any company that does good work will want to show it off. Awards and references are worth their weight in gold for local plumbing companies, and anyone not willing to share those may be a risk to hire. The accolades don’t need to be big or flashy. Just a few references or a solid review or two can help weed out the good from the bad contractors.
  1. The Price is Too Good: As with most things, if a local plumber’s price seems too good to be true, it probably is. When hiring a local plumber to fix a problem in your home, you want a competent professional who knows what they’re doing. While you do want to make sure they’re not overcharging, a professional should charge you the correct and reasonable cost for a job. Hiring someone on the cheap could mean they’re inexperienced and the issue may never be resolved.

Hiring a local plumber can be a gamble if you’ve never worked with them before. Our three red flags above are the first step in making the right choice when hiring a local plumber. If you’re looking for a Portland, OR local plumber, 3 Mountains has the experience, professionalism and knowledge to get your job done right.

When Should You Call for Emergency Plumbing in Portland?

The wintertime can certainly see its fair share of plumbing problems, and the worst decision you can make this winter is simply allowing plumbing problems to persist without calling for emergency plumbing in Portland. The longer you refuse to do something, the higher your repair bills. But you have the power to change your fate if you just roll up your sleeves and make a call to a professional service who can readily help you in your time of need!

3 Mountains offers the best emergency plumbing in Portland so you’re not wasting another moment with faulty plumber. Our team of plumbers is here to teach you how to solve some of the most common plumbing problems impacting your home this winter. The team at 3 Mountains are wise beyond their years, and more than willing to show you how to take the steps necessary in keeping your plumbing woes down to a low. We want your winter free of plumbing problems, and we’re available all season to provide assistance!

5 Problems to Have 3 Mountains Fix!

Please give our phones a ring for emergency plumbing in Portland when you’re experiencing these 5 plumbing problems:

  1. Failing Water Heaters: Water heating problems are common during the wintertime and one of the main reasons homeowners call up a plumber for help. All too often, homeowners will set the temperature on the water heater too high, which is a waste of energy and could result in water verging on scalding.
  2. Frozen Pipes: Perhaps the worst plumbing problem to encounter this winter, frozen pipes are often caused due to water in your pipes freezing and expanding, leaving you unable to use some essential plumbing fixtures. If not treated immediately, the pipes may burst.
  3. Water Line Breaks: Water line breakage may cause severe damage in your home, especially if they’re not treated as soon as possible. Garden hoses are the most at risk during the winter and if they’re left connected during a freeze, they can burst quickly.
  4. Drain Clogs: Drain clogs will occur at any time of the year, but especially during the winter when you’re cooking plenty of hot, greasy meals. Grease can actually harden in your drains and make passage near impenetrable.
  5. Septic Tank Problems: A burst septic tank is easily the most unsanitary problem you can face all winter. Similar to breaks in the water line, septic tanks are susceptible to freezing and burst when you least expect them.

These 5 problems and more can be fixed if you call 3 Mountains for emergency plumbing in Portland!

How Can You Save Money on Emergency Plumbing in Portland?

Emergency plumbing in Portland can be hugely beneficial during those last-minute plumbing problems that seem to spring up out of nowhere. If encounter an emergency situation early in the morning or late at night, you need to call up a service company is ready to help you at any time. That’s where 3 Mountains can step in. Our team of plumbers provide the best emergency plumbing in Portland and want to see you with the most effective yet cost-efficient plumbing, which is why they’re available around the clock!

However, we’re not just here to provide service: we’re also here to provide you with some advice. You shouldn’t just have to settle for lousy plumbing. After all, you may wind up paying upwards of thousands of dollars on repair simply because you didn’t do any maintenance work. But we want to change all of that by giving you a few pointers on how to make sure you’re not spending too much of your savings just trying to maintain a good plumbing system!

Check Out These Money-Saving Tips!

When you’re looking to save money on plumbing, take note of these helpful pieces of advice from the 3 Mountains team:

  • Check for Leaks: Check for leak or cracks in any of your plumbing fixtures so you’ll know to call for professional service immediately. Unfortunately, many homeowners will allow leaks to persist and they wind up costing themselves plenty of money on monthly water bills. Get leaks fixed before they worsen or else you may have to
  • Turn down Water Heater Temperature: You will most likely feel the urge to rely on hot water more if temperatures dip below freezing, but please remember your water heater should not be set anywhere above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep your water heater from using energy to heat up water and prevent water from verging on scalding.
  • Consider Water Heater Replacement: In addition to turning down your water heater temperature, you may also want to consider water heater replacement to avoid wasting even more money on energy costs. This may have an upfront cost, but an older, faultier water heater will eventually send those energy and repairs up to unmanageable highs.
  • Check Faucets and Hose Bibs: Frozen pipes will cost you plenty of money to get them fixed, and may also have you seek temporary residence elsewhere as they are repaired. To prevent frozen pipes, check faucets and hose bibs regularly to see if they are leaking as these will be the first to freeze if left undetected. The faster you act on avoiding frozen pipes, the more cost-efficient your winter.

Contact 3 Mountains today if you need emergency plumbing in Portland and of course, ask our plumbers for any advice!

Ask Our Portland Plumber: What Can You Do When a Pipe Bursts?

Pipe bursts are more common during the winter, and they can occur when you least expect them! But while they can be sudden and unexpected, you don’t have to just sit and wait for a professional plumber to come to your home and take care of it. You can take action against them as well so they’re not ruining life in your home. If a pipe does burst in your home, first and foremost, remain calm. It’s important to take a deep breathe first and focus on ensuring the job is well done, or else you may risk getting further damage in your home.

3 Mountains is here to provide you with a highly-trained Portland plumber who knows their way around a leaky pipe. Our team will always be there for you when you need service during those last-minute situations, especially for urgent matters like burst pipes. We can save your home from any water damage or high repairs bills thanks to our quick repair and innovative solutions to your pipe problems! And of course, we’re here to teach you on how to take action against pipe bursts before one of our plumbers arrives!

Burst Pipe Tips from Our Portland Plumber

Don’t just allow burst pipes wreak havoc on your home! Before professional help arrives, please take the following actions:

  • Drain Water Systems: when your pipe bursts, you don’t want to take any chances with wasting water. Run faucets and flush toilets to avoid having your home resemble a virtual water park, and keep the amount of water wasted down to a low.
  • Clean Up Excess Water: It can be hazardous to leave excess water around the damaged area, especially if it’s making your floors slippery. You may want to take cleaning into your own hands.  Before calling a professional for pipe repair, break out the mop and clean up any excess water around the damaged area. Wear gloves and protective eyewear if any water appears to be contaminated.
  • Call Your Insurer: You need to inform your home insurance provider about burst pipes you need to claim. They can also give you advice on how to begin the claims process and inform you how payment for repairs can be made. They can even give emergency contact information to the nearest emergency plumbing service.
  • Report Damage: Make sure to record any damage from pipe bursts for insurance claims by breaking out a pen and paper. Taking photos of damage will you visual evidence to back up your claims. Also make sure to report the suspected circumstances which lead to your pipes bursting.

Contact 3 Mountains today for a Portland plumber who can take care of any pipe problems in your home!