Eight Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Main Water Line

Main water line replacement comes with accompanying signs. A lot can go wrong with your plumbing, and there are several factors such as time, use, and weather conditions that can wear down your main water line over time. Every day your plumbing endures a lot, and just like the pipes and drains in your house, your sewer’s main water line can clog and break down. No homeowner wants to deal with the stress of damaged plumbing, but it happens, and it’s crucial to know when it’s time to replace your main water line.

The Warning Signs of a Damaged Main Water Line

Taking proper care of your plumbing is a priority, and that includes your main water line. Your main water line is responsible for delivering water in and out of your house. A lot of water continuously flows through it, making it susceptible to damages such as clogs, breaks, and leaks. A damaged main water line, however, can be catastrophic for your home, rendering all your plumbing useless or worse, flooding your home with raw sewage. Luckily most plumbing catastrophes can be avoided with proper maintenance. Some damages are unfortunately caught a little too late, but delaying a replacement can only cause more plumbing problems. Knowing when there is a problem with your main sewer line is a great place to start, and it helps to prevent a future plumbing crisis.

  • Clogged plumbing. One common result of a damaged sewer line is clogged plumbing, which could mean that there is a clog somewhere in the main sewer line. Clogs can be caused by multiple things, an accumulation of waste and other debris, tree roots, a collapsed or aging pipeline. Clogs can be a common plumbing problem, but if they happen often enough, it may be time to replace your main water line.
  • Tree root incursion. What you flush down the drain isn’t the only culprit for a clogged main water line. Tree roots are notorious for creeping into your plumbing and causing some very destructive clogs. A tree is constantly seeking moisture with its roots, and if it’s close enough to the main sewer line, it can squeeze through any joints and connections. Over time those roots will expand until the pipe bursts or collapses. The damage done by tree root incursion warrants a replacement. It usually requires a plumber to not only access where the tree roots have penetrated the pipe but installing new and stronger piping that prevents tree root incursion.
  • Drop in water pressure. A damaged main sewer line can cause your home’s plumbing several different problems, including low water pressure. If disappointing showers starts to become a frequent problem, it might be time to replace your main water line.
  • Contaminated water. Any breaks or leaks in your main water line can allow dirt and debris to flow into your drinking water. Pay close attention the water coming out of your faucet. If you notice any discoloration, strange smells, or a grainy texture, your water could be contaminated. A broken main water line can lead to serious health risks if left untreated.
  • Water pooling in the yard. Little ponds of water and lush patches of grass are both signs of a leaking main water line. The problem could be from other plumbing, but it’s impossible to tell without a plumber to look at it.
  • Odd noises. Hearing noises when you’re running a faucet is normal, but if hear noises when no water is running through your house, it means there’s a leak somewhere either in your house or main water line.
  • High utility bills. A damaged sewer line usually leaks water and that can result in costly utility bills. If you notice your water bills are constantly higher than usual, your main water line may be to be replaced.
  • Pest problems. Damaged sewer lines are an open invitation for pests like roaches and rats that can squeeze into small spaces. If you start to find pests in or around your home, call a plumber immediately, as these pests are a major health hazard.

Nobody Wants Sewage in Their Home

Plumbing problems are bound to happen, but you don’t want to deal with the consequences of a broken main water line. Your plumbing is complicated, and it requires routine maintenance to function properly. Having a licensed plumber annually inspect your main water line and plumbing system can help prevent most problems. Don’t wait until your basement is flooded with sewage, protect your home, and schedule an inspection with a plumber today.

Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today for more information on replacing your main water line!


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3 Reasons to Call Us for Water Main Line Replacement in Sellwood, OR

Because the pipes to your homes main water line are underground, it can be difficult for most homeowners to assess when they need repair or replacement. 3 Mountains makes water main line replacement in Sellwood, OR simple and sure.

Three signs that you might need to replace your main line:

1. A Water Bill That Suddenly Soars: If you experience an unexplained increase in your water bill, it might be due to a cracked or broken water main line. If there are no leaks in your home, your commode isn’t running continually, your drains aren’t gurgling, and your plumbing appears to be in good shape, the main line is probably the culprit.

2. A Commode That Gives Back: A commode that causes water to back up out of the bowl and onto your floors is a dead giveaway that you may have an issue with your main sewer line. A toilet that backs up or makes gurgling noises can also indicate a case of tree roots invading your main line.

3. A Tree Root that Infiltrates: Tree roots can be a major pain in your main drain. They can cause an awful lot of damage to your water line. The trees in question might not even be yours – tree root damage can even come from the trees on neighboring lawns and yards. Invasive tree roots often disrupt water main systems because their roots naturally seek water. Tree roots that invade sewer pipes cause clogs and create blockages that can lead to costly repairs.

Don’t be caught off guard by this major necessity. Water main line replacement in Sellwood, OR can be easier than you think. Call us today and we’ll have your home in clean, clear, sanitary water faster than you can say 3 Mountains – but not faster than you can call us for an estimate.

Water Service Line Repair Portland

Portland Plumber Repairs Water Service Line

Have you ever woken up to get ready for work, only to find that there’s no water pressure in your shower? This is a clear sign of problems in your water service line, which can impact the smooth operation of your home like almost nothing else. Good water service—like pretty much anything else—is just expected in modern homes. When it doesn’t happen … you can expect a meltdown from someone in your family.

If You Don’t Act …

If you don’t fix poor water service right away, you could doom yourself to higher water bills, poor water pressure, and even poor water quality long-term—which also has health effects for your family, particularly young children and older adults.

Water Service Line Repair Options

When it comes to repairing your water service line, there are two primary options: patching the holes in the pipe, or replacing the entire line. The first one is typically performed when there are only a few rusty spots on your water service line; the second is more common when rust has completely taken over your service line—as can happen when pipes are in the ground for 50, 60 years.

Water Service Line Repair Benefits

Repairing your water service line provides clear and present benefits to your home on several levels. A water service line that doesn’t have rust means you’ll enjoy clean, clear water day in and day out. Clean clear water has significant health benefits, so your family will be much healthier long-term with a repaired pipe.

You may also experience some cost savings—many older water service lines were terribly inefficient. New lines mean more accurate flows, more consistent pressure, and even a more environmentally friendly home.

Water Service Line Repair Features

Digging is required to replace or repair water service lines; the pipes generally run from the street to your house, underground, so your contractor—like the experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing—will dig a trench around your pipe in order to get at it.

If a full replacement is the way to go, the contractor will first turn off the water. They will then cut the rusted or broken pipe out and remove it from the trench. Once the old pipe is removed, the contractor will then insert the new line—being careful to follow the pathway of the trench.

For patching, on the other hand, the contractor will add some patches on the really weak spots before closing up the hole. Keep in mind that patching is only a temporary fix—replacement is generally the way to go.

Do you need a water service line repair in Portland? Contact the experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

Broken Water Line Portland

Ask a Portland Plumber: What Are the Signs My Line is Broken?

Leaking pipes inside your home? That’s something you’re going to notice. But a water leak outside your house? That might be a different story. Luckily, there are certain signs you can keep an eye out for that will alert you when you might have an outdoor water leak on your hands.

One of the first spots to check for a water leak outside of your home is actually on your monthly water bill. While most families can’t manage the exact same amount on a water bill month to month, there’s a high likelihood it reliably falls within a certain range. And if you use an excessive amount of water one month for whatever reason, you will likely be aware of it. But if your water bill suddenly jumps for no obvious reason, there is reason to believe an outdoor leak may be the culprit.

Unexplained puddles or soft, damp ground in your yard can also be a warning that an underground water pipe is leaking. Fixing underground pipe leaks is not an easy task and it requires specialized equipment so if you notice something like this, it is a good idea to call one of our professional plumbers ASAP.

There are a number of things that can cause outdoor water pipe leaks. For example, your water line may be old, defective or poorly installed to begin with. Improper installation or shoddy workmanship can all lead to problems down the road. As frustrating as it is, there is very little you can do besides having your water line repaired or replaced.

If your water line has been through its share of hard winters, another possibility is that extreme temperatures have been doing damage for some time. Constant exposure to freezing temperatures will take its toll even on the highest-quality pipes and eventually they will need to be replaced.

No matter what caused the problem, though, or how you realize that it exists, it is important to get leaky water lines replaced quickly. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

Water Line Leak in Portland

Look for Signs of a Leak to Get it Fixed Fast

The water main is the central pipe in a plumbing system that moves water from the inside of your home out to the sewer main. So, when it springs a leak or malfunctions in any way you can bet you’ll have some trouble on your hands.

When it comes to water leaks of any kind, but especially one in your water main, it’s important that you stop them as soon as possible. To do that, you need to know what to look for.

Signs You Have a Water Main Leak

  1. Collapsed ground or sidewalks
  2. High water bill: Typically a water bill will be the same month-to-month so if yours is unusually high you know you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing. It’s best to leave it up to a 3 Mountains Plumbing expert to find out exactly where it’s hiding.
  3. Dirty water at your fixtures
  4. No water supply inside the home
  5. Weak ground: Leaking water that seeps into the soil around your house will create weak spots.
  6. Puddles of water pooling in the landscape
  7. Visible water leakage: You should be lucky if you see any visible water signs because you can track it down fairly easily and call in a repair quick!
  8. Lack of water pressure
  9. Water meter spinning when water is not in use in the home: Using the shut off valve, turn off all the water to your home and check the meter. If it’s running without the use of water then you know something is up.

Water Line Replacement

Sometimes a break in a water line can be repaired, but in many cases it’s best to replace them all together. Because of the damage water leaks can do, you don’t want to be at risk for more down the line.

Water lines are buried underground so getting to them can be difficult, and the replacement process often takes some excavation. But with 3 Mountains Plumbing we use a trenchless method. This means that there very minimal diffinf on your property and, once completed, it will look like we were never even there.

To have your water line leak fixed quickly, call 3 Mountains Plumbing today! 

2014 Portland Plumbing Checklist

Happy New Year from the team at 3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland!  Here’s to a healthy and happy new year of new beginnings and perhaps new plumbing systems! Maintaining and updating household plumbing systems remains essential to the efficiency and longevity of those systems.

Here’s a quick list of some of the products and services we have been providing the greater Portland area for over a decade:

Water Heater Repair

Tankless, conventional, gas, or electric—our journeymen plumbers can repair, maintain, and replace them all.  We are presently offering a variety of new water heater installation coupons.  Check them out!

Sewer Replacement

Sewer replacements are essential to the health and wellbeing of you and your family.  Notice a foul odor not unlike rotten eggs?  Check these top signs it may be time for a sewage line replacement.

Water Line Replacement

As old pipes wear down, water main line, or water service replacement jobs continue to be on the rise.  With our use of Wirsbo pipe and advanced directional boring technology, we’ve become experts in this space.  Check for our water line replacement discount.

Drain Cleaning

Our experienced plumbers know how to use the right technology not only to alleviate drain clogs, but to completely eliminate them so that they never return.  We combine environmentally friendly with technologically advanced efforts to manage Portland drain clogs.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Camera inspection is a terrific way to precisely locate, diagnose, and remove whatever sewer or drain problem exists.  Our technicians can quickly determine the problem using real time video pipe inspection equipment.  This also helps determine exact pricing by eliminating guesswork.

Keep your Portland home’s plumbing systems in good working order by taking proactive measures before an emergency occurs.  Stop by or call 3 Mountains Plumbing today and get your home ready for the new year!

Water Line Repair vs. Replacement Portland

Portland Plumber: Why Replace

If it’s broke, fix it, right?  That seems simple enough.  Unfortunately, water main lines are far from simple.

Repair often appears to be the best course of action when it comes to just about any household appliance or fixture.  As professional journeymen plumbers, we of all people understand having a natural inclination towards wanting to fix things and making them better.  However, after servicing greater Portland area homes for over a decade we’ve come to understand that there are times when it’s more efficient and affordable to replace.

Benefits of Portland Water Line Service Replacement  

Water main lines are one of those household plumbing systems that may save you more money in the long run with replacement.  Here’s why:

  1. No mismatched joints with various piping connections
  2. Repairs are temporary; replacements stand the test of time
  3. We use Wirsbo pipe with a 25-year manufacturer warranty
  4. Reduced costs on monthly utility bills
  5. Secure household investment for resale

Advantages of Working with the Portland Plumbers at 3 Mountains Plumbing

We will of course asses your unique situation and will recommend several options.  There are certainly times when repair may be best, but full replacement leads to greater success.  Here’s how our professionals help make water main line replacement a seamless operation:

  1.  $150 coupon available for new water service
  2. Directional boring technology greatly reduces property damage
  3. Wirsbo pipe is installed in one long roll eliminating sloppy joint connections
  4. 24-hour emergency service available
  5. One-year warranty on all parts and services
  6. Fully-certified and continuously trained journeymen plumbers
  7. Over 13 years of experience working in Portland residences

Want to learn more about the water main line service solutions available at 3 Mountains Plumbing? Give us a call or stop by today.  Find out if repair or replacement is your best option.   

Water Line Replacement Portland

Problem Solved Without the Excavation

We understand that water main line replacement jobs may sound daunting, but we assure you that our journeymen professionals are experienced at ensuring a seamless and even delightful plumbing experience.

Portland Water Line Replacement by 3 Mountains Plumbing

Our method of managing residential water main replacements leaves no stone unturned.  We’ve thought this through and have, for over a decade, had repeated proven success throughout the greater Portland area.

1. The Best Piping Option

A long lasting durable piping solution is the key to any successful water line replacement.  We are proud to be a certified supplier and installer of Wirsbo pipe.  Here’s how we think the benefits of Wirsbo pipe clearly outweighs its competitors:

  • Improved crosslinking technology
  • One long roll of pipe avoids joint breaks, connection problems, and sloppy joint threads
  • Manufacturer provides an unprecedented 25-year warranty on all piping and fittings

2. Directional Boring Technology

Our advanced directional boring technology allows our technicians to get directing to the root of the problem without turning your home and property into a demolition project.

3. Speedy Turnaround

When you call 3 Mountains Plumbing an informed staff member will find a convenient time to schedule an inspection—often on the same day.  We work fast and efficiently so that your home life can return to business as usual.  Of course emergency plumbing service is also available.  Our plumbers are on-call 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.

Know the signs. Know the symptoms. Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today to learn more about when is the right time for a water line replacement.  

Water Main Repair Portland

How To: Know You Need Repair

If you suspect trouble with your Portland water main line, take action right away.  Water main line issues must be taken seriously to prevent serious damage to your home, property, or both.  Aside from potential flooding, unattended water main breaks may also prove costly by drastically increasing monthly water bills.  The quicker we replace the line, the better.

Why 3 Mountains Plumbing?

The professionals at 3 Mountains Plumbing have been providing water service expertise to the greater Portland community for over 13 years.  Water main replacements have quickly elevated to one of our more common customer requests.  We have a tremendous amount of experience and are ready to go with our industry leading equipment and boring technology to ensure your property’s landscape maintains its natural beauty.

Here are some of the many benefits of working alongside 3 Mountains Plumbing for your Portland water main line replacements:

  • Up-front fixed-rate pricing
  • $150 dollar coupon available for new water service installation
  • 10-year warranty on all parts and services
  • 25-year factory warranty on Wirsbo pipe installation
  • Experienced service from prompt and professional journeymen plumbers
  • Our boring technology keeps your property’s landscape clean and undisturbed

Common Causes of Water Main Failure

There are a number of common causes of water service failure.  Here’s a quick list:

  • Misaligned pipes due to sloppy repair jobs
  • Tree root growth
  • Build-up of pipe rust, sediment, and debris
  • Improperly connected joints and joint leaks
  • Mix-matched pipe connections
  • Aging pipes

We find that many problems are associated with previously performed haphazard repairs. Understandably, homeowners often try to cut corners and save money by repairing pieces of pipe, but this only results in bigger problems down the line. When it comes to water main lines, the most affordable option is complete replacement. Avoid future damage by solving the problem right away.

If you suspect your water main line needs to be replaced, contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today. Please inquire about our coupons and up-front fixed pricing.

Water Main Replacement Portland

Portland Plumber: Do You Have a Leak That Just Won’t Stop?

We recently received a call from a couple in Lake Oswego complaining that their toilet was running even after they shut down their whole house water valve. We immediately suspected this was a case of a water main break, and once we instructed them to check their water meter, this was confirmed. We replaced their water main line the very next day.

You’re in dangerous territory if you can hear water moving through your home when the water main line is shut down. It means there’s a break somewhere possibly creating pockets of water around your home. If you suspect a water main break, act fast.

Do This:

1. Shut off the water main valve.

It’s imperative that all water be immediately stopped in its tracks to prevent flooding and water damage, not to mention excessively high utility bills.  Water main valves are typically located in basements or crawlspaces.

2. Check the water meter.

You’re looking for a little red lever with a star on it.  If this is spinning when the water valve is off, it means there’s a leak.

3. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing.  

Don’t go it alone.  Of course it’s in our best interest to promote ourselves, but the truth is, water service repair and replacement is not a do-it-yourself project.  Your home needs to be saved from impending flooding. Do not hesitate to contact a professionally licensed plumbing team with expert tools and equipment to get the job done right, and right away.

How Can We Help?

3 Mountains Plumbing has nearly 15 years of experience replacing water main lines throughout Lake Oswego and the greater Portland community.  Our fully-licensed team of journeymen technicians will visit your home and provide you with a fixed price that is never subject to change.   Also:

  • We use Wirsbo pipe that comes with an unmatched 25-year warranty
  • We use advanced directional boring technology to protect your property’s natural landscape
  • We are always available 24-hours a day/seven-days a week

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland to learn more about how we can help provide water main line solutions for your home.