Water Main Line Repair Portland

Ask a Portland Plumber: What to Do With Water Main Line Trouble

The simple truth is that water main line service demands professional assistance.  Your home’s water service line functions to bring water from Portland’s supply line to your home.  These pipes run the full stretch of space from the water meter at the sidewalk all the way to your home.  This means there’s plenty of room for things to go wrong.  Old pipes break down—it’s unfortunately what they do.  Additionally, joints leak, unruly tree roots get in the way, plus many older Portland homes have poor or misaligned pipe connections.

Repair vs. Replacement?

From time to time replacements may be the best option, but this is extremely rare.  We understand hesitancy surrounding a full water main line replacement, but the reality is that a repair will only be temporary.  The fact remains: repairs will cost more money in the long run.   

Benefits of Water Main Line Replacements

  • Increase home value
  • 10-year warranty on labor and materials
  • 25-year warranty on Wirsbo pipe and fittings
  • Our team is certified in Wirsbo pipe installations

The 3 Mountains Plumbing Advantage

We are a full-service residential plumbing company focused on bringing quality customer service the greater Portland community as we have continued to do for nearly 15 years.  The good news is that we specialize in water service replacements.  We are experienced, certified, and have the hands-on know-how to manage all of your water main line needs.  Other advantages of working with our team include:

  • Flat-rate up-front pricing
  • Professionally trained journeymen plumbers
  • Advanced boring technology for no mess property solutions
  • Delightful plumbing done right
  • Coupons available

So, What to do with Water Main Line Trouble?

1.     Call 3 Mountains Plumbing

2.     Keep an eye towards water main replacement

3.     Take full-advantage of our coupons and unmatched warranties

Don’t hesitate when it comes to water main lines.  Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland today to learn more about how we can help replace your water service so you can stop losing money on wasted water. 


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Plumbing Coupons and Discounts in Portland

Plumbing, Coupons, and Discounts! Oh, My!

At 3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland, we’re all about working hard to make plumbing easier for our customers.  We happen to love plumbing, but we  understand that for most people a household plumbing problem is wrought with worries about money, time, and maybe even damaged property.

To help ease these common concerns, we guarantee:

  • Prompt, professional service,
  • Up-front and fixed pricing,
  • To leave your property in better shape than how we found it

We Make Plumbing Delightful

We really do—no joke!  Our mission is to provide our customers with a delightful plumbing experience.  This means that we work really hard to maintain a company culture devoted to quality customer service and superior craftsmanship.  We are determined to be as straightforward with our customers as possible.

Our fixed-rate up-front pricing guarantee is unmatched in the plumbing industry, but to us, it’s natural to be honest when it comes to household plumbing.  It’s as simple as that.

To align with making plumbing delightful for our new and existing customers, we are presently offering the following coupons and discounts:


  • Tankless Water Heater Installation: Tankless water heaters are environmentally friendly as well as wallet-friendly.  These high-tech devices save energy and are far more cost-effective in the long run.  Receive $150 off a new tankless water heater installation.
  • Re-Piping: We are offering a $250 discount on all re-piping work.
  • Water Service: Get $150 off a new water main line installation.  We also provide extended warranties on water service piping and services.


The following groups of respected customers may receive a 5% plumbing discount.

  • Veterans
  • Senior Citizens
  • Angie’s List Subscribers

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today.  Find out about discounts and coupons and learn how our fully-licensed and trained journeymen plumbers can help provide you and your family with the plumbing solutions you need. 

Need Portland Plumbing Work? Use a Coupon!

3 Mountains Plumbing Helps You Save Money

3 Mountains Plumbing has been serving the plumbing needs of the greater Portland area for well over a decade. It is part of our ongoing mission to forge lasting relationships with our customers residing in the Portland community—we want our customers to have a delightful plumbing experience!

In order to accomplish this mission while staying true to our excellence in customer service guarantee, we provide our customers with options and benefits to help make plumbing repairs and installations easy.  Here are a few of those benefits and advantages:

We Have Coupons!

To improve customer satisfaction and extend our thanks, we are presently offering coupons for the following plumbing services:

1.     Tankless Water Heater Installation

We are offering a coupon for $150 off all tankless water heater installations.  It’s true that tankless water heaters typically cost more up-front, but they will work to conserve energy and lower your overall monthly utility bills.  While we are happy to service conventional tanks, if appropriate, we will almost always recommend going tankless.  These space saving appliances are better for the environment and for your wallet.

2.     New Water Service

Updated water main lines are essential for delivering clean, fresh water through a piping system that meets code in an efficient manner.  Old and corroded water service lines using outdated piping may leak thus increasing your water bill while also allowing sediment deposits to creep into home’s water supply.  We are offering $150 off all new water service jobs.

3.     All Re-piping Work

Need any re-piping work?  You’ve come to the right place.  3 Mountains Plumbing is offering a $250 discount coupon on all re-piping related jobs.

Contact us for more information on Portland tankless water installation, water service, or re-piping work.  We are happy to discuss our coupon offerings as well as our fixed pricing options and other customer benefits. 

Ask a Portland Plumber About Directional Boring Technology

Save Your Yard With Trenchless Boring

We use directional boring technology as a cost-effective way to maintain the beauty of your home’s landscape.  The major benefit of trenchless boring technology is that it keeps property damage at a minimum and is, in essence, kind to your yard.

Part of the ongoing 3 Mountains Plumbing mission is to leave your home cleaner than how we found it, and our trenchless solution helps make that happen.

What is Directional Boring?

Directional boring, also commonly called horizontal drilling, simply stated, is a method of installing underground pipes.  At 3 Mountains Plumbing we typically use directional boring technology when it comes to replacing pipe in water main lines.

In Portland, water main line pipes connect the full distance between your home and your home’s water meter, typically located on the other side of your front yard, at the sidewalk.  Directional boring is the natural choice for homeowners wanting to save their lawns from destructive plumbing work.  It’s unsightly not to mention inconvenient for you and your family.

How Does Directional Boring Work?

Our directional boring machines (pictured) are operated only by our trained and experienced journeymen plumbers.  The process works by drilling a bore head into the ground at a horizontal angle, thus minimizing landscape damage.  The technology is precise and efficient.  Piping problems are fixed directly at the root of the leak or break.

Benefits of Directional Boring

There is no contest between trenchless direction boring technology and traditional methods that involve a lot more digging and mess.  Direction boring has become more or less common practice and is certainly the preferred choice at 3 Mountains Plumbing for the following reasons and more.

  • Safer for the environment
  • Far less destructive
  • Cost-effective—saves both time and money
  • Precise and efficient

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing to help clarify any questions you have about how our directional boring technology can help you and your Portland home’s water main line. 

Water Main Line Service Portland

Q & A: Understanding Water Service Jobs

Water main line service or water service jobs may seem complex in terms of understanding why they’re needed, what they accomplish, and how the work is completed.

3 Mountains Plumbing specializes in water main line service jobs spanning the greater Portland area. Made up of fully licensed journeymen plumbers, 3 Mountains Plumbing technicians use industry-leading technology to efficiently install water main lines with minimal disruption to your property’s landscape.

Q: What is a water main line?

A: In Portland, water main lines are pipes that run the full stretch of space between your home and your home’s water meter—usually located at the sidewalk.

Q: Why do water main lines break?

A: Water main line breaks may be caused by just about anything ranging from root intrusion to rust and sediment deposits.  Joint and pipe leakage also contribute.

Q: How do I know my water service line needs replacement?

A:   Fortunately, most signs of water main breakage are fairly obvious.  These include:

  • Unexpected puddles in the yard
  • Weak ground
  • Collapsed ground or sidewalk
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Dirty water
  • Spinning water meter when water is not turned on
  • Unexpectedly high water bills

Q: How will 3 Mountains Plumbing assess my water service needs?

A: A fully licensed journeyman plumber will visit your home to assess your unique situation.  We will generate a flat-rate price quote and provide full disclosure of your options.

Q: Will my property be a mess?  

A: At 3 Mountains Plumbing we take pride in completing jobs promptly as scheduled.  That said we also do everything we can to leave your home in better shape than when we found it.  We use directional boring technology that very specifically targets your water main line’s repair or installation needs thus eliminating unnecessary damage to your property.

Q: Once replaced, will my water main line break again?

A: Of course we can’t guarantee that events outside of our control may cause further damage, but we can provide you with a best-in-class piping option.  We are so confident in Wirsbo pipe that we provide a 10-year warranty on labor and materials. Wirsbo’s developer, the German-based Uponor, additionally offers a 25-year warranty on all delivered pipe and fittings.

Please give us a call as we are always happy to help clarify any questions or concerns you may have regarding water service in Portland. 

Portland Plumbers Make Water Main Line Service Simple

Signs Your Main Line Needs Repair

3 Mountains Plumbing has been in the business of replacing water service lines in Portland for well over a decade.  We are experienced and licensed journeymen plumbers who know how to get the job done right—the first time.

What Are Water Main Lines?

Water main lines (or, water service lines) are exactly that—main lines in which all of the water accessible inside your home is carried.  In Portland, water main lines run all the way from the water meter (usually at the sidewalk) to the home.  Longer distances typically mean more piping joints and increased likelihood of corrosion, decay, and eventual pipe failure.

Sings of Water Service Problems?

Fortunately, there are a number of tell-tale signs that your home is suffering from a water main break.  These include:

  • Unusually high Portland water bill
  • Spinning water meter when all water is turned off
  • Visible water leakage or puddles
  • Collapsed ground or sidewalks
  • Lack of, or decreasing water pressure

The 3 Mountains Plumbing Advantage:

Should you notice one or more of the aforementioned signs of a water service problem, you should immediately give us a call.  While we are always available for same day emergency service, know that we work to develop long-term relationships with our clients.  We want to be your trusted plumber, so we are prepared, professional, and up-front with our pricing options.

Here are a few water main line service replacement options that differentiate us from the rest:

  • Wirsbo Pipe: A product of Uponor, Wirsbo comes in one long roll of pipe thus eliminating excessive joint connection.  We are licensed Wirsbo pipe installers.
  • Boring Technology: Our advanced boring technology helps keep yard damage at a bare minimum.  Our technicians and equipment are accurate, effective, and clean.  It is part of the 3 Mountains Plumbing promise to leave jobs cleaner than found.  We strive to make plumbing as delightful an experience as possible.
  • Warranties Available:  Our customers can rest easy knowing that our Wirsbo pipe installation comes with a 25-year pipe and fittings warranty in addition to a 10-year labor and materials warranty.

Should something go wrong with your home’s water main line, please don’t panic! Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing, an experienced and professional Portland plumbing company with great customer reviews.  

Water Main Line Repair in Portland

Portland Plumber: Signs You Have a a Problem With Your Water Main

With over a decade of professional plumbing experience, 3 Mountains Plumbing and its licensed journeymen plumbers, are experts in Portland water service repairs and replacements.

In Portland, homeowners are responsible for all pipe between the water meter and the home.  This space typically occupies the distance from the sidewalk through the house.  For older homes using less sophisticated piping options, more pipe typically means an increased likelihood in rust, corrosion, and damage.

So, how do you know if your water main line needs to be serviced by a professional?  Some signs are far more obvious than others, and those include the following:

  • Visible Water Leakage
  • Collapsed Ground Or Sidewalks
  • No Water Supply Inside The Home

These are surefire signs that you should immediately contact 3 Mountains Plumbing.  Same day service is available to meet all of your Portland emergency plumbing needs, however, we think it is easier for our clients to try to handle these water service issues before they become emergencies.

Fortunately there are other, perhaps more subtle signs, that your water main line is beginning to falter.  Here are some things homeowners may notice or can easily check that may indicate a problem with water service:

  • Feeble Ground
  • Puddles Or Pooling In the Yard
  • Lack of or Decreasing Water Pressure
  • Higher Than Usual Water Bill
  • Water Meter Spins When Household Water is Turned Off

Water service lines are critical to your home’s water supply.  All of the water to your home flows through the water main line thus making it all the more important to ensure that this connection is solid, sediment free, and durable enough to last a long time.

3 Mountains Plumbing prefers to exclusively replace Portland water main lines with polyethylene Wirsbo pipe.  Wirsbo, made by Uponor, provides water service lines with advanced cross-linking technology while eliminating water hammer or “singing pipe” sounds.  Wirsbo also comes in one long roll of pipe thus avoiding additional joint connections that often become target areas for leaks and weakness.

Wirsbo is wise investment for Portland homeowners as it comes with a 25-year pipe and fittings warranty in addition to a 10-year labor and materials warranty.

If you’re concerned that your water service line is damaged or in need of repair, check for the signs mentioned, and contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today. 

Water Main Line Replacements Portland

3 Benefits of Using Wirsbo Pipe for Water Main Line Replacement

The fully-licensed plumbers at 3 Mountains Plumbing are experts at water main line replacements. Serving the greater Portland area’s plumbing needs for over a decade, 3 Mountains Plumbing has determined that the best piping option for water service replacements is Polyethylene Wirsbo pipe.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. One Long Roll of Pipe. No Sloppy Joint Threads.

Unlike galvanized, copper, or PVC pipe, Wirsbo is more easily installed in one long roll. This is convenient especially for Portland homeowners whose main line connects from sidewalk to house. Inefficient glue joints and threads only provide more opportunities for leaks, rust, and corrosion. Wirsbo pipe provides a direct connection from your house to the water meter without increased potential for future joint-related problems.

2. Improved Crosslinking Technology.

As an alternative to sloppy joint or glue threads, Wirsbo employs an improved cross linking joint technology. Wirsbo doesn’t rely upon the instability of solvents or glues, but was created to expand and shrink for durability.

3. Wirsbo Pipe is Under Warranty!

3 Mountains Plumbing is so confident in the longevity of Wirsbo pipe we offer a 10-year warranty on labor and materials. Moreover, because 3 Mountains Plumbing is a certified installer of Wirsbo pipe,Uponor, the German developer of Wirsbo, provides a 25-year warranty on all delivered pipe and fittings.
Yes, there are other, perhaps less expensive, piping options for water main line replacements, but only Wirsbo:

  •  Eliminates water hammer and “singing pipe sounds”
  •  Dampens noise from rushing water
  •  Resists corrosion and mineral backup
  •  Retains additional heat in hot water lines
  •  Prevents condensation on cold water lines

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing if you have additional questions about water service replacements in Portland or about Wirsbo pipe, its installation, and available warranties. 

Water Service Replacement Portland

How to Know You Need Water Line Service

More and more 3 Mountains Plumbing is hearing from customers who are getting calls from the city of Portland saying that their home’s water usage is too high.  What does this mean?  It could mean there is a water leak in any of your home’s plumbing fixtures.

Start by checking the following:

Each of these common plumbing fixtures should have their own shut off valve, so you can test which one is leaking by shutting the angle or straight stops.

Additional steps to determine if you need a water main line replacement include:

  1. Leave your water meter running
  2. Shut off the water to your entire house
  3. If the red triangle in the water meter is spinning, there is a water service leak

Water service replacements are important to Portland for obvious environmental and cost reasons, which is way the city makes the call.  Another sign that you might need a water main line replacement could be an abnormally large increase to your quarterly Portland water bill.

Water main line replacements are common in Portland because the water service pipe spans from your house all the way to the water meter on the curb.  Portland homeowners are responsible for that entire stretch of what is typically not very sturdy PVC or not very long lasting galvanized, or copper pipe.  Worse still, some water main lines connect galvanized pipe to copper pipe resulting in even more room for leakage at an unstable joint (pictured).

3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland encourages homeowners to replace their water main lines with Wirsbo pipe developed by a German company called Uponor.  Wirsbo pipe is the clear leader in piping replacements.

To help make your water service replacement a smooth one, 3 Mountains Plumbing provides:

  • A 10-year warrantee on labor and materials
  • 25-year warrantee on pipe and fittings
  • Same day service

So, if Portland calls, check for leaks, and contact 3 Mountains Plumbing if you need a water service replacement. 

Ask a Portland Plumber: How Do You Replace My Water Main Line?

Why Choose 3 Mountains Plumbing for Your Replacement

In Portland, homeowners are responsible for all pipe between the sidewalk water meter and the foundation of their homes. More pipe means more room for water service failure. Fortunately 3 Mountains Plumbing are expert water main line replacement professionals serving the greater Portland metro area. 3 Mountains Plumbing provides the following for their clients:

  • 10-year labor and materials warranty
  • Certified polyethylene Wirsbo pipe installers
  • Same day service
  • The 3 Mountains Plumbing Guarantee
  • A delightful plumbing experience!

The Pipe

3 Mountains Plumbing will use tried and true polyethylene Wirsbo pipe. With its 10-year labor and materials warrantee, plus 25-year pipe and fittings warrantee, Wirsbo, made by Uponor, is the best choice.

Not convinced? Check out the benefits of using Wirsbo for your Portland water service replacement in this previously written blog post.

The Installation

3 Mountains Plumbing uses directional boring technology that produces very limited impairment to your yard. Of course it is part of 3 Mountains Plumbing’s mission to leave all job sites cleaner than when found, but it helps that directional boring technology employs tidy and efficient drilling.

A Wirsbo pipe installation certified 3 Mountains Plumbing professional will dig only a small pot hole through which the directional boring machine will land within a foot of its target.

There’s Nothing Boring About Directional Boring!

  • Accurate
  • Clean
  • Precise
  • Effective

Speak to a professional to find out how 3 Mountains Plumbing can help with your Portland property’s water service replacement.