Portland Plumbers Here to Save the Holidays!

Portland Plumbers Here to Save the Holidays!

No, really, at 3 Mountains Plumbing we have and will continue to save holidays in Portland!  Plumbing mishaps are pretty much always frustrating, but can be especially daunting around the holidays when hosting a household full of family members and friends.  That’s why we are always on-call and available to provide emergency plumbing service.

We are very pleased to announce that our service super hero, Klint, recently received a Review of the Week from ReviewBuzz!  It just happens to be about how Klint saved a family’s Thanksgiving dinner.  The reviewer was kind enough to write this:

“Klint saved our Thanksgiving!  It was Thanksgiving eve afternoon and we had a BIG problem – the aroma of holiday baking was suddenly overpowered by the smell of sewage overflow from the shower & laundry drains…this was NOT just a clogged drain.”

Sewer Problems in Portland at Thanksgiving

Okay, so this is the nightmare scenario.  It would be one thing if the garbage disposal was jammed or if even if the water heater seized up, but a sewage-related problem is serious business.  Not only can the stench be foul, but the mess is unsanitary and poses health risks.

Portland Sewer Camera Inspection to the Rescue

The reviewer continues to write: “…We called 3 Mountains Plumbing and good things happened fast.”

Klint used our advanced sewer camera inspection equipment to accurately find and diagnose the problem.  Benefits of using this equipment include:

  • No surprises or guesswork
  • Precise pricing
  • Speedy, accurate solutions

We’re proud of Klint and we’re very appreciative that our customer took the time to write such a thoughtful review of our services.

Our 3 Mountains Plumbing team has been fixing and preventing plumbing emergencies in Portland for over a decade.  We’re happy to help you through the holidays as we are any other time of year.

The holidays should be as enjoyable as possible.  Call 3 Mountains Plumbing—we’ll take care of the plumbing.    


Service Inbound
3 Mountains Plumbing - Best of HomeAdvisor

Happy Holidays from Our Trusted Portland Plumbing Team at 3 Mountains Plumbing

As we look towards our 14th year of providing residential plumbing service throughout the greater Portland area, we think of how thankful we are to be an ongoing part of this community.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our friends and customers, for your ongoing support and constructive feedback and testimonials.  Our team—everyone from our customer service operators to master journeymen plumbers—work hard to bring you the superior service you deserve and the delightful experience you have come to expect from 3 Mountains Plumbing.

Check Our Coupons for All Things Portland Plumbing Related

‘Tis the season of coupon giving!  We could all stand to save a few bucks here and there, especially around the holidays.  Please be sure to check our seasonal coupons page for our latest discounts and offerings.  This season, we are pleased to be able to provide the following coupon offers:

  1. Any Repipe Job, save $250
  2. Tankless Water Heater Installations, save $150
  3. Any Plumbing Repair, save $35
  4. New Water Service, save $150
  5. Water Heater Installation, $75 off gas & $50 off electric installation

So, please use a coupon!  And remember that we only provide our customers with up-front fixed pricing.  With 3 Mountains Plumbing there are never any surprises.   Plus we provide a one year warranty on all of our products and services.

Happy holidays, Portland!  Thank you again for your continued support.


The Team at 3 Mountains Plumbing

Featured 3 Mountains Plumbing Re-Piping Review

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

At 3 Mountains Plumbing, we like to check in to see how our customers respond to our work on service review websites like Angie’s ListHome Advisor, and Yelp.  When time allows we make efforts to respond because we know that at the end of the day how our service is viewed by customers is what matters most.  What people write is always of great importance to us.

Today we want to highlight our most recent Yelp review.  This writer, “Kate K.” of Portland, OR, called us with a clogged bathtub drain problem. Our journeyman plumber Klint determined that Kate needed some re-piping work done in her home.  From Kate’s review we are confident to say that she had a positive 3 Mountain’s Plumbing experience.  She even writes that she will recommend us to friends—the surest sign of a job well done and the greatest compliment we can receive.

Here’s what Kate had to say:      

“I was referred to 3 Mountains Plumbing by a friend and they were as good as promised.  Klint visited to fix a clogged bathtub drain.  Because of the age of my house, he needed to replace a pipe, but after he walked me through the issues of the pipe configuration I felt comfortable with his recommendation.  They provide the price up front (based on an average time that it takes to complete the work), so you don’t need to worry as time ticks away and you’re billed by the hour.  They were exceptionally professional through the entire process, from the initial phone call to scheduling the appointment through the repair. 

If I ever have other plumbing issues, I will call them and will most certainly recommend to a friend.”

Wow!  We are so thankful and humbled by this review.  Thanks, Kate!

Kate references our up-front fixed pricing.

Check our online reviews, leave a comment, and please contact 3 Mountains Plumbing to find out more about our Portland residential plumbing solutions.  

Accept Nothing Less Than Up-Front Pricing From Your Portland Plumber

3 Mountains Provides Honesty and Superior Service

At 3 Mountains Plumbing we have been committed to quality customer service throughout the greater Portland area for over 13 years.  Part of our continued mission is to truly get to know our community and our customers.  This means providing transparency, honesty, and of course, superior service.

We believe that up-front pricing is one of the main key component to building lasting relationships with our clients.  It removes the guesswork so that everyone begins on the same page and can move forward until the job is done.

How Our Up-Front Pricing Model Works

We do our best to keep the process simple, and to keep it delightful!  We know, “delightful” might sound a little silly at first, but the truth is, we want you to have a delightful plumbing experience and will do everything we can to make that happen.

Here’s how our process works:

  • We an estimate and offer you options.
  • We agree upon a fixed price, and go to work right then and there.
  • We do not leave until the job is finished.

Benefits of Up-Front Pricing

1. Up-front pricing shows you we know what we’re talking about!

We have a team of experienced and fully-certified journeymen plumbers.  Our plumbers undergo specific and consistent training to ensure they are well versed in the latest industry technology, equipment, and safety standards.  If we can’t make a solid estimate that we can stand by throughout the course of the job, then we don’t deserve to do the work.  It’s that simple.

2. You know what you’re getting into.

There’s no guessing.  The price is cut and dry.  You’ll be given several options and you can choose the one that works best for you, your family, and your home.

3. No surprises.

Our household plumbing systems provide us with enough surprises.  You certainly don’t need any more excitement from your plumbing company.  Know and be comfortable with your price up-front through to completion.

Please call the professionals at 3 Mountains Plumbing today to learn more about how our up-front fixed rate pricing can help you and your plumbing systems.  Don’t forget to also find out about our available coupons!

Plumbing Coupons and Discounts in Portland

Plumbing, Coupons, and Discounts! Oh, My!

At 3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland, we’re all about working hard to make plumbing easier for our customers.  We happen to love plumbing, but we  understand that for most people a household plumbing problem is wrought with worries about money, time, and maybe even damaged property.

To help ease these common concerns, we guarantee:

  • Prompt, professional service,
  • Up-front and fixed pricing,
  • To leave your property in better shape than how we found it

We Make Plumbing Delightful

We really do—no joke!  Our mission is to provide our customers with a delightful plumbing experience.  This means that we work really hard to maintain a company culture devoted to quality customer service and superior craftsmanship.  We are determined to be as straightforward with our customers as possible.

Our fixed-rate up-front pricing guarantee is unmatched in the plumbing industry, but to us, it’s natural to be honest when it comes to household plumbing.  It’s as simple as that.

To align with making plumbing delightful for our new and existing customers, we are presently offering the following coupons and discounts:


  • Tankless Water Heater Installation: Tankless water heaters are environmentally friendly as well as wallet-friendly.  These high-tech devices save energy and are far more cost-effective in the long run.  Receive $150 off a new tankless water heater installation.
  • Re-Piping: We are offering a $250 discount on all re-piping work.
  • Water Service: Get $150 off a new water main line installation.  We also provide extended warranties on water service piping and services.


The following groups of respected customers may receive a 5% plumbing discount.

  • Veterans
  • Senior Citizens
  • Angie’s List Subscribers

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today.  Find out about discounts and coupons and learn how our fully-licensed and trained journeymen plumbers can help provide you and your family with the plumbing solutions you need. 

3 Mountains Plumbing is in a New Location

We Moved!

We are pleased to announce that our ever-expanding Portland plumbing business has moved to a larger facility nearby.  Our new location will enable us to meet greater capacity demands by providing more room for additional service trucks, equipment, and increased stock for our customer’s convenience.

Different Location | Same Delightful Service

3 Mountains Plumbing is proud to continue working hard as the greater Portland community’s trusted full-service plumbing company.  For over 13 years, we have cleared drains, improved water service main lines, and installed water heaters.  We are here to fulfill all of Portland’s residential plumbing needs, and we do so by providing our customers with top-tier benefits.

The 3 Mountains Plumbing Advantage

We work hard to forge lasting relationships with our Portland customers.  Of course we are available for emergency service, but we strive to be your trusted go-to plumber for installations and repairs as well ongoing preventative maintenance.

Here’s how we work hard to maintain our spot as Portland’s number one plumber:

  • Flat-Rate Fixed Pricing: We provide our customers with accurate up-front estimates that are not subject to change.  With 3 Mountains Plumbing, there are no surprises.
  • 3 Mountains Plumbing Guarantee: We are committed to providing prompt, quality service that meets or exceeds customer satisfaction.
  • Emergency Service: Emergency, same-day service is always available 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.
  • Warranties: We provide a one-year warranty on all parts and services. Many services come with 3-year warranties and some even last up to 10-years.

Our licensed journeymen plumbers work hard to provide superior service and craftsmanship.  Stop by and visit the 3 Mountains Plumbing team in our new facility at:

3 Mountains Plumbing

524 Tillamook St.

Portland, OR 97227

Or, contact us 24-hours a day, seven-days a week at our same number:


Portland Plumber: What to Look for When Purchasing a Portland Home

Top 3 Plumbing Basics You Should Know

Home buying can be a highly rewarding experience, but it may also be wrought with questions concerning your new home’s infrastructure, how it all works, and how it may best be maintained.

Having served the greater Portland area for over a decade, we thought it might be valuable to share a few tips we’ve learned from assisting our customers throughout the years.

1. Check the water temperature

If this is going to be your new home, it’s certainly worth taking the time to check the shower temperature.  The water should be nothing less than hot.  Room temperature is not good enough. A lack of hot water, or water that takes a great deal of time to heat up, could mean a problem with the home’s water heater.

2. Find out the age of the water heater<

You should check on the date your home’s water heater was installed and when it was last maintained.  No one wants a surprise water heater purchase on their hands after having just purchased a new home.  Water heaters should be well-maintained.

It’s also worth noting whether or not your new home has a tankless or conventional water heater.  While 3 Mountains Plumbing is always available to help service or replace either, we recommend tankless water heaters for their longevity, long-term cost-effectiveness, and lower environmental impact.

3. Check codes and permit history

Make sure that your new Portland home meets all plumbing codes and is up to date. We’ve found that backflow prevention device codes are something some prospective home buyers forget to check. More information on backflow prevention device codes for the greater Portland area may be found at PortlandOregon.gov.

While licensed inspectors will hopefully find everything that needs to be addressed before you make your home purchase, it is always possible for them to miss something.  It’s critical, as a Portland home buyer, to be as self-reliant as possible.

It is important to us to create lasting relationships with our customers.  While we’re available for 24-hour emergency service, we are always happy to meet you when the situation is less dire.  Please Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing with any additional questions regarding the plumbing systems in your new Portland home.

3 Mountains Plumbing Customer Reviews

Check Out These Customer Testimonials!

Serving Portland clients since 2000, we have made it our mission to provide the very best in customer service. Our staff is made up of not only licensed journeymen plumbers, but also of a knowledgeable and experienced administrative team who will promptly facilitate your call and get you what you need.

3 Mountains Plumbing recognizes that many calls come in during emergency plumbing situations, but we always strive to forge lasting relationships with our clients so that when you do call, you are calling a plumber you know and trust to help you maintain your Portland-area home.
But don’t listen to us, hear what our customers have to say…

  • Fast service; competent, friendly worker.” –Charles R., Portland, OR
  • “From the office person who called to set up the appointment to the person who actually did the work–this was a first-class experience all the way. I will definitely call 3 Mountains again if I ever need plumbing services.” – Ruth C., Beaverton, OR
  • “On time, excellent service, did a great job.” – Janis S., Aloha, OR
  • “Brian was great and professional at working hard to resolve the problem. Was not a typical call or diagnosis so it was helpful he was honest and so far seems to have fixed the mystery noise problem.” – Janet B., Tualatin, OR
  • “First to contact me, next day my job was complete, tech (John) was punctual, informative, professional, and competent. I thought the cost was high, but I have no comparison. I am thrilled with the work and finally having my plumbing issue resolved! Others have tried, but 3 Mountains delivered. – Vicki D., Wilsonville, OR

We are honored that all of these testimonials and many more have been published at HomeAdvisor.com.  We are even more appreciative of our customers and their willingness to write about their positive experiences with 3 Mountains Plumbing.

Please contact us and let us know how we may help you with your Portland plumbing needs.  We specialize in all plumbing services particularly installations or repairs of water main lines, water heaters, backflow devices, and sump pumps. 

3 Mountains Plumbing: Your Delightful Portland Plumbers

What Does it Mean to be a Delightful Plumber?

Portland’s 3 Mountains Plumbing says it’s their business to “make plumbing delightful.” Okay, that sounds nice, but what does it really mean? A feeling of delight is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when a plumbing emergency is at hand. But if a plumbing organization was reliable, experienced, and professional wouldn’t that be, well, delightful?

Let’s be honest

Plumbers get a bad rep. 3 Mountains Plumbing doesn’t pretend plumber stereotypes don’t exist, but their knowledgeable staff and fully licensed plumbers work hard to debunk them.

Company Culture and What it Means to You

In business for over a decade, the team at 3 Mountains Plumbing has thoughtfully constructed a culture of quality and professionalism. There exists a focus on the growth and health of employees along with a dedication to promoting exemplary customer service. Simply put, being “delightful” is part of the 3 Mountains Plumbing mission. This is evident from the moment you call and speak with Cheri or another friendly staff member who will swiftly facilitate your call and answer your questions.

The plumbers at 3 Mountains Plumbing are fully licensed and dressed for success. Plumbers are always equipped with all necessary tools and technology to assist in their services. So, from a customer perspective, delightful plumbing means: 

  • Friendly, Efficient, and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Journeyman Plumbers Wearing Uniforms, Booties, and Coveralls
  • Best in Class Tools and Technology

And if you’re a customer who appreciates quality company values, it also means:

3 Mountains Plumbing is an active volunteer for ReFit, assisting financially and physically challenged homeowners. 3 Mountains Plumbing also works to ensure that Portland’s environment stays safe and is protected.

Financially speaking, 3 Mountains Plumbing makes plumbing delightful by offering:

Many customers call a plumber when they have a sudden emergency–it only makes sense to call a plumber whose culture aligns with your beliefs and who you feel you can trust to call upon again. This is the promise of 3 Mountains Plumbing as they strive to make your plumbing experience a delightful one.