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Portland Plumber: 3 Common Causes of Sewer Smells in Your Home

Is there a foul odor in or around your Portland area home? The smell is more than likely related to a sewage issue. While it is recommended to immediately call an expert Portland plumber to avoid possible illness, you should also be informed as to the possible cause of the unpleasant smell in your home.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Backed-up organic waste
  • Improper Drain Cleaning
  • Dried up or Broken Sewage Traps

1. Backed-up Organic Waste

As pictured, here’s someone’s spaghetti dinner…from last month!  While tempting, we unfortunately can’t shove everything down our kitchen sink disposal.  3 Mountains Plumbing often receives calls about garbage disposal problems because many run on very low horsepower.  They simply haven’t the strength to withstand gobs of pasta, grease, dairy, or other foods. (Click here to learn more about 3 Mountains Plumbing disposal replacement warranties).

2. Improper Drain Cleaning

Don’t call just anyone to clear a drain; call a plumber.  So often drain cleaners will only push the waste further down the pipe where it may appear to be temporarily cleaned, but in reality it has only been relocated lower down the pipe.  Once waste rests in a stationary spot, it collects more sediment while continuing to rust and corrode its surrounding pipe.

3 Mountains Plumbing professionals come to your home equipped with the technology necessary to fix even unforeseen problems.  While a drain cleaner may be able to move the clog along, chances are only a licensed and experienced journeyman plumber, with the proper equipment, can eliminate it and handle other emergencies should they arise.

3. Dried up or Broken Sewage Traps

Many older Portland homes have traps that tend to dry out or break down due to age.  These traps exist to keep waste and water on the move, so a small amount of water must remain in the traps to allow it to properly function.

Don’t hesitate. Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing to see if one of these problems is causing that nasty sewer smell in your Portland home. 


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Ask a Portland Plumber: What’s Causing That Sewer Smell?

Plumbing System Not Working as it Should

Are you experiencing a sewer smell in your Portland area home? This could mean any number of things about your current plumbing system, but it is definitely a sign that something is not working as it should.

The first thing to be aware of is the possible threat of danger this causes to you and your family. While sewer smells are certainly unpleasant, they may also cause sickness and vomiting. The best course of action is to immediately contact an expert at 3 Mountains Plumbing so they can quickly help you find and fix the root of the problem before it gets worse.

So, what is causing the sewer smell?  The answer is: just about anything.

Your house is equipped with multiple water-based appliances: toilets, sinks, showers, etc., all of which have a trap to help keep used water on the move. A small amount of water must remain in these traps to help maintain the flow of organic matter.  Often, particularly in older Portland area homes, these traps break down or dry out.

The sewer smell could certainly be organic waste, but it could also be compounded food trapped in a disposal trap (as pictured).

Ways to Maintain or Repair Sewer Traps

  • Pour a liter of water into a trap once a month
  • Bring water to traps via a primer line
  • Tear up the floor for a completely invasive home project

Either way, this is most likely a messy job that is better accomplished with the expertise of a trained and professional journeyman plumber.

If you’re experiencing a sewer smell in your Portland area home, it’s best for your health and safety to immediately call the experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing.