Tankless Water Heater Installation in Portland

Ask a Portland Plumber How Tankless Water Heaters Can Save You Money

During the holiday season we feel it’s important to make memories, not plumbing disasters.  Proactively working with 3 Mountains Plumbing on plumbing winterization and maintenance means removing worry from your holiday season and spending more quality time with friends and family.

There are many precautions that can be taken in advance of winter frost and hosting guests. Toilet bowl upgrades, drain cleaning, garbage disposal installations, and faucet replacements are just a few minor adjustments that can go a long way in savings and home investment.

3 Reasons Installing a Tankless Water Heater Can Help

Topping the list is installing a tankless water heater. Here are some reasons why tankless water heaters can help simplify and even save your holidays:

1.     Never run out of hot water.  It doesn’t matter how many family members consecutively take showers.  With a tankless hot water heater you will never run short on hot water.  Hot water will maintain its continuous and steady stream keeping everyone warm this this winter.

2.     Save money on utility bills.  Aren’t you planning to spend enough money this holiday season? Take a break where you can by installing a tankless water heater.  Yes, these typically cost more to install than conventional tanks, but their high efficiency water conservation should cut down on monthly costs.

3.     Receive a $150 coupon from 3 Mountains Plumbing.  In an ongoing effort to provide quality customer service, we are presently offering a discount coupon on tankless water heater installations.

We have been installing tankless water heaters throughout the greater Portland area for over 13 years and are happy to recommend the best system for your home’s specific needs and challenges.  We are also happy to install conventional water tanks, but we do tend to favor tankless water heaters for their savings and conservation benefits.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today to learn more about our tankless water heater solutions and how we can help save you money and worries this holiday season.   


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Portland Plumber: 3 Ways to Stay Affordably Warm This Winter

Get Your Furnace Tuned Up

Utility bills do not need to rise just because temperatures drop. There need not be an automatically inverse relationship here.  In Portland, the winters are damp, rainy, and cold, but there are affordable ways to manage this mild discomfort; tried and true methods to making your home a beacon of warmth and sustainability through the colder months.

1. Install a Tankless Water Heater

There are few things more enjoyable that a nice hot shower after a long cold day.  Tankless water heaters are a terrific investment because they conserve water and reduce monthly water bills while also providing an endless stream of hot water.  It doesn’t matter how many consecutive showers are taken.  Tankless water heaters never stop delivering hot water.

2. Update Your Garbage Disposal

Many people tend to eat more in the winter, and we say, go for it!  Just be sure not to dump all your leftovers down the drain.  First, try not to waste food, and second, if your disposal is slow or getting frequently clogged, consider upgrading to a higher horsepower system.  No one wants to worry about a busted garbage disposal while hosting family and friends around the holidays.

3. Get a Furnace Tune-Up

It’s always best to be proactive—especially when it comes to household maintenance and safety.  Make sure your furnace is up to par by hiring a professional to inspect filters and ensure there are no signs of carbon monoxide or gas leaks.

Don’t get caught in the cold.  Stay warm and let our professional team manage your household plumbing. While we’re always available to provide emergency plumbing service, we prefer, if possible, to have a chance to know you when the situation isn’t as dire.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can help provide affordable warmth and winterization solutions for you and your Portland home this season.   

Plumbing Coupons and Discounts in Portland

Plumbing, Coupons, and Discounts! Oh, My!

At 3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland, we’re all about working hard to make plumbing easier for our customers.  We happen to love plumbing, but we  understand that for most people a household plumbing problem is wrought with worries about money, time, and maybe even damaged property.

To help ease these common concerns, we guarantee:

  • Prompt, professional service,
  • Up-front and fixed pricing,
  • To leave your property in better shape than how we found it

We Make Plumbing Delightful

We really do—no joke!  Our mission is to provide our customers with a delightful plumbing experience.  This means that we work really hard to maintain a company culture devoted to quality customer service and superior craftsmanship.  We are determined to be as straightforward with our customers as possible.

Our fixed-rate up-front pricing guarantee is unmatched in the plumbing industry, but to us, it’s natural to be honest when it comes to household plumbing.  It’s as simple as that.

To align with making plumbing delightful for our new and existing customers, we are presently offering the following coupons and discounts:


  • Tankless Water Heater Installation: Tankless water heaters are environmentally friendly as well as wallet-friendly.  These high-tech devices save energy and are far more cost-effective in the long run.  Receive $150 off a new tankless water heater installation.
  • Re-Piping: We are offering a $250 discount on all re-piping work.
  • Water Service: Get $150 off a new water main line installation.  We also provide extended warranties on water service piping and services.


The following groups of respected customers may receive a 5% plumbing discount.

  • Veterans
  • Senior Citizens
  • Angie’s List Subscribers

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today.  Find out about discounts and coupons and learn how our fully-licensed and trained journeymen plumbers can help provide you and your family with the plumbing solutions you need. 

Water Heater Options Portland

Whole-Home vs. Point-of-Use Tankless Water Heaters

Did you know there are different types of tankless water heaters?  There are, and there are two: whole-home  and point-of-use.  Each has specific benefits and advantages depending upon the unique needs and challenges of your particular Portland home.

Our team at 3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland is happy to assist in helping you decide which option is best for you and your home, but in the meantime, here is a quick comparison for your convenience.

What Do They Have in Common?

Before examining the differences, let’s first investigate what all tankless water heaters share in common.

  • Energy Savings: Unlike standard tanks that constantly heat to maintain a storage tank full of hot water, tankless water heaters save energy by heating water only when needed.
  • Cost Efficiency: Typically requiring less maintenance than standard tanks, tankless water heaters also use less energy thus reducing monthly utility bills.
  • Space Efficiency: Tankless water heaters are about the size of a small travel suitcase.  They are far more aesthetically pleasing than standard tanks and may be installed inside or out.
  • Longevity: Tankless heaters typically last five to ten years longer than standard tanks so they function as a solid home investment.

Whole-Home Tankless Water Heaters

As the name suggests, whole-home tankless water heaters heats water that flows through all faucets in your residential space.  Whole-home tanks will provide an endless stream of hot water regardless of the number of showers taken in a row.  You and your family will never run out of hot water.

Because tankless water heaters service the entire home, they are typically located in basements, crawlspaces, or utility closets.  There is a certain amount of lag time that will naturally occur from when the hot water leaves the tank and arrives at your faucet.  Hot water is not necessarily instantaneous, but once it arrives, it will not cease.

Point-of-Use Tankless Water Heaters

Point-of-use systems are small and function to serve one sink, washing machine, or shower as needed.  They are located right next to or underneath their respective plumbing fixture or appliance.

The major difference between point-of-use and whole-home is that point-of-use heaters will provide instantaneous hot water at the touch of the faucet.  However, unlike with whole-home tankless water heaters, the hot water from point-of-use systems will eventually run out.

Get in touch with 3 Mountains Plumbing today to find out which tankless water heating system is the right choice for you and your Portland home.  

Go Green by Going Tankless in Portland

Enjoy Low Monthly Bills with a Tankless Water Heater

3 Mountains Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company that has been managing water heater installations throughout the greater Portland community for over a decade. We know that Portland is a great city; one whose constituents are deeply concerned with environmental impact and green initiatives. So are we. This is why we so strongly support tankless water heater installations.

It’s not that we won’t service or install conventional water tanks—we can and will—it’s merely that we want to feel good about our recommendations and confident that our plumbing solutions are the right choices for our customers.

How Tankless Water Heaters Are Environmentally Friendly

Tankless water heaters heat water on-demand.  Unlike conventional tanks, tankless heaters have no need to store, maintain, and heat gallons of water.  Going to work?  Your conventional tank will keep heating.  Going on vacation?  Your conventional tank will still keep heating.  It won’t stop which is why tankless water heaters are the far more energy efficient choice.

Why We Recommend Tankless Water Heaters

Okay, so we know now that tankless water heaters are…

  • Energy Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly

…but why else do we recommend them?  Here’s why:

  1. Provide Endless Stream of Hot Water: You and your family may take as many consecutive showers as you all like and there will still be an endless stream of hot water—not warm—hot!
  2. Save Space: With the versatility to be installed inside or outside your home, tankless water heaters are small and save space.
  3. Low Maintenance: While we recommend annual check-ups, tankless water heaters are far easier to maintain and can cause far less damage in the event something does go wrong.
  4. Longevity: Well-maintained tankless water heaters will last five to ten years longer than their conventional counterparts.
  5. Lower Monthly Utility Bills: It’s true that tankless water heaters often cost more at the time of installation, but due to their energy efficient technology, they have a lower monthly utility fee.

We believe that lower maintenance costs and lower monthly water bills over a longer water heater life-span outweighs those potentially more expensive up-front costs.  And, of course, don’t forget that tankless water heaters remain the green choice for Portland.

Contact our professionals and let us help answer all of your questions concerning the differences between conventional and tankless water heaters.  Go green!  Go tankless!      

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Portland

Portland Plumber: Important to Flush Out Your System

At 3 Mountains Plumbing of Portland, our licensed journeymen plumbers are prepared to repair or install tankless as well as standard tank water heaters.  However, of the two, we will almost always suggest that our customers choose tankless water heating solutions.

We do this because with over a decade of experience we know what works best for our Portland customers. It’s a recommendation we are confident making and feel good about. Here’s why tankless water heaters are the superior choice:

  • Improved water conservation
  • More energy efficient
  • Lower monthly utility bills
  • Endless stream of hot water (no running out)!
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Longer life-span; better long-term investment

Owners of standard or conventional water tanks have to worry about potential leaks that could cause major household damage.  These standard systems maintain a tank full of water that may more easily lead to corrosion, rust, and sediment build-up.

It’s not that tankless water heaters need not be maintained—they do, but they are easier to manage and present far fewer worries.

How Often Should Tankless Water Heaters Be Maintained?

It is industry standard that tankless water heaters be professionally inspected on an annual basis.  Remember that we use our water heaters every day; multiple times a day.  A once a year inspection isn’t too much to ask for such a primary household fixture.  The number one tankless water heater maintenance effort is flushing the system.

What is Flushing?

Flushing removes sediment build-up so that only the cleanest and freshest water pumps through the system.  It is possible for do-it-yourselfers to take a crack at flushing their own water heaters, although we always recommend seeking professional guidance.

How Can 3 Mountains Plumbing Help?

3 Mountains Plumbing employs only fully-licensed journeymen plumbers.  Every truck is prepared with industry leading equipment and technology in case of any unexpected plumbing adventures.  We also offer warranties on all parts and services and guaranteed up-front fixed pricing.

To make your plumbing experience even more delightful, you may schedule annual tankless water heater maintenance with us in advance so that flushing is not something you ever need to think about again.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing to manage all of your tankless water heater needs in the greater Portland area.    

Need Portland Plumbing Work? Use a Coupon!

3 Mountains Plumbing Helps You Save Money

3 Mountains Plumbing has been serving the plumbing needs of the greater Portland area for well over a decade. It is part of our ongoing mission to forge lasting relationships with our customers residing in the Portland community—we want our customers to have a delightful plumbing experience!

In order to accomplish this mission while staying true to our excellence in customer service guarantee, we provide our customers with options and benefits to help make plumbing repairs and installations easy.  Here are a few of those benefits and advantages:

We Have Coupons!

To improve customer satisfaction and extend our thanks, we are presently offering coupons for the following plumbing services:

1.     Tankless Water Heater Installation

We are offering a coupon for $150 off all tankless water heater installations.  It’s true that tankless water heaters typically cost more up-front, but they will work to conserve energy and lower your overall monthly utility bills.  While we are happy to service conventional tanks, if appropriate, we will almost always recommend going tankless.  These space saving appliances are better for the environment and for your wallet.

2.     New Water Service

Updated water main lines are essential for delivering clean, fresh water through a piping system that meets code in an efficient manner.  Old and corroded water service lines using outdated piping may leak thus increasing your water bill while also allowing sediment deposits to creep into home’s water supply.  We are offering $150 off all new water service jobs.

3.     All Re-piping Work

Need any re-piping work?  You’ve come to the right place.  3 Mountains Plumbing is offering a $250 discount coupon on all re-piping related jobs.

Contact us for more information on Portland tankless water installation, water service, or re-piping work.  We are happy to discuss our coupon offerings as well as our fixed pricing options and other customer benefits. 

Portland Plumber: 3 Summer Tips

Avoid Plumbing Problems This Summer

Summer has officially arrived in Portland!

This time of year typically means gardening, barbecues, and more time spent outdoors.  You may even be looking forward to summer getaways or vacations away from home.

Serving the greater Portland area for over a decade, we see customers frequently running into the same summer plumbing problems.  We thought it would be helpful to compile a quick list of things homeowners can do to ensure that summer is enjoyed without time wasted on plumbing catastrophes.

1.     Don’t shove that corn husk down the drain!

We love summer barbeques and even encourage them, but please think carefully about clean up.  We know it can be tempting to throw everything down your sink’s garbage disposal, but the reality is that even sink disposals need some quality TLC.  Stringy foods along with fats and cooking oil can be detrimental to your pipes.  If you want a best-in-class, no nonsense garbage disposal replacement, we provide a 10-year warranty on our 1-horsepower unit.

 2.     Check your backflow prevention device.

If you suspect there is a problem with your backflow prevention device, we recommend contacting a professional right away.  Backflow devices work to keep your home’s water separate from city water and free of contaminates.  You and your family deserve fresh, clean drinking and sprinkler water.  Often, the valves controlling backflow devices rust and corrode over the winter, so it’s definitely worth checking that everything is in proper working order for the health and wellbeing of your home.  Tree root intrusion may also cause backflow prevention device destruction.  Our professionals can help eliminate this problem.

3.     Install a tankless water heater.

Going on vacation this summer?  If you already have a tankless water heater, consider getting it a quality maintenance check-up.  If you’re still working with a traditional water heater, think of all the energy wasted when you’re away.  Traditional water heaters generally hold anywhere from 40-80 gallons of water.  Traditional water heater systems heat water up to 120 degrees and then the water just sits in waiting until it is used.  Tankless water heaters, the far more environmentally sound option, work instantaneously.  They save you more money over the long-run and provide your desired temperature without delay.

Stay cool this summer, and let us take care of the plumbing.  Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today.