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Why Choose 3 Mountains Plumbing?

What happens when the plumber gets to my home or business?

  • The technician determines your home’s plumbing problem.
  • We describe the problem and potential solutions to you comprehensively.
  • Our diagnosis includes multiple options according to what methods are most convenient for you.
  • We provide an accurate up-front estimate.
  • Our plumber helps your schedule the necessary service.
Upon your approval of service, and depending on the type of plumbing service needed, we may or may not be able to complete the repair or installation on our initial visit. If additional parts or equipment are needed, we will then schedule a time to return at your convenience. The Initial Dispatch costs just $30, and our Upfront Pricing includes any additional trips needed to complete your project.

What does the $30 Initial Dispatch include?

  • Thorough consultation from a licensed, professional plumber on repair or installation.
  • Assessment of labor and parts required to perform service.
  • Generation of Upfront Pricing quote.
  • Full disclosure of your options and relevant background information.

Your flat-rate price is guaranteed for 30 days!

What is Upfront (fixed) Pricing?

We will quote you a price based on the task at hand that includes labor, parts and any return trips. Fixed pricing gives you peace of mind that what we say the price will be, is the actual price you are charged. No price changes will occur unless the task at hand changes.

Be cautious when getting service work quoted over the phone or priced at a time and material. It is very easy for cost over runs to appear and for the technician to take their time in order to maximize their billing. We pledge that our pricing will be fair and with no surprises.

What is the 3 Mountains guarantee?

Of course we guarantee our work and the performance of any parts that we provide.* Keep in mind, that if you provide fixtures or other parts to complete your project, those parts are not covered under our guarantee.

* We do not guarantee drain cleaning work because we can’t control what may be put down drain lines and flushed down toilets!

What is the Universal Protection Program?

The Universal Protection Program (UPP) offers an annual inspection of your home’s plumbing system, discounts on labor, emergency service and drain cleaning as well as priority status on our dispatch list all for a one-time fee. Contact us for complete details.

Why do I need the Universal Protection Program?

  • To maintain warranties on products like water heaters
  • Extend the life of your faucets, toilets, drains, and more
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Monitor water pressure
  • Safety checks of faucets, shut-offs and exposed piping

All to save you money!

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